WELCOME to NYC Sign Repair

We are a full service flagpole and sign company. Sales, Service & Installation. We also climb flagpoles. Our top priority is to provide our customers with best possible customer service while being offering competitive pricing.

Our fleet of aerial trucks helps us reach all the hard to reach flagpoles and signs and our knowledgeable technicians have extensive knowledge of installations and repairs of flags and banner poles and will work very closely with each customer and help their individual needs. If you have any questions or if you require service don’t hesitate to give us a call 718-374-5175.

We are also a MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) Flag pole Installation & Service Company. Why choose us? Take a look at our picture gallery to see all our customers who have trusted us with their business.

About Us

NYCSignRepair.com is a sister company in Queens NY. We are completely a service flagpole company. We offer installation and sale related services. We also hike flagpoles. Our main priority is to offer our customers the best customer service possible at extremely competitive price rates.

Our crew of aerial trucks aids us to reach the toughest positions and our experienced technicians have a considerable amount of knowledge on repair and installation of banner and flag poles and will work in close association with the customer and fulfill their own requirements. If you have any queries or looking forward to avail our services, then feel free to call us at 718-374-5175.

We have also earned the reputation of being a MBE (Minority Business Enterprise ) offering Flag Pole related services providing company which also includes its installation services. Why us? Just go through our picture gallery to check out all our clients who have relied on us for their business.