Parking Lot Lighting Installation / Repair / LED Lighting Tri-State Area

Parking Lot Lighting Installation  / Maintenance / Repair / LED Upgrade

Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance services in Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan , Staten Island , Long Island and Parts of New Jersey


We specialize in replacing existing metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures with 300 watt led fixtures. This saves you money on power , service calls , bulbs & ballasts when you switch to led. Call us or send us an email for more information.




Customers feel more welcome when you have good lighting.




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New York City Sign Installation & Repair Services


” A Sign with no business is a sign of no business.”

Signs attract customers to your business and is the first impression they get of your business before they walk in the door.

NYC Sign Repair is also NYC Neon Repair & NYC Flag Repair

Our company design’s , fabricate’s and installs  custom signs for your business that would help you make the right impression to a potential customer. Besides signs  we also provide other services like business cards , window graphics , post cards , banners and more.

In NYC to have a sign installed you need a licensed sign company to do the job or you can end up with expensive violations that cost $1000 + . The other problem is if the sign was not made according to what is allowed even if you have the violation removed the sign that was made will be useless and will not be allowed to put up again.

We can help you through the whole process. First step would be to find out what type of signage is allowed at your property , because there are 3 zoning classification : Residential ,  Commercial and Industrial. Each zone has its own regulations . Once we know what we are allowed to put up we can start the design process and after you have approved the design we can start fabricating the sign and then come down to do the installation.

Every sign is custom made and there are multiple ways of making signs considering service and repairs. For an example we have been called to multiple sites to repair signs where the sign is so big they did not have any access panels to service the transformers or power supplies which results in having to remove the whole sign to change damaged parts which ends up costing the customer more money.

We have been in the business over 10 years and we are experienced enough to make sure you don’t have similar issues.







Sign / Neon Repair Services In NYC , Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx


Full service sign company:

We fabricate , install and service all types of signage.

We have multiple  bucket trucks which reach heights of upto 90′ and are full licensed and insured. We also help with NYC Sign Permits.We also help remove permit violations as well.

We also repair all types of signage. When a sign is not working you are loosing potential customers that might need you. NYC Sign Repair is equipped with trucks to do all types of sign repairs. Neon signs , led signs , channel letter signs , and more. We also convert neon channel letters and signs that use fluorescent light bulbs to LED.


With led you save money on power. Led uses almost 70  %  less power.

With led you save money on service calls. When the sign breaks down alot less (bulbs or ballast that go bad) you don’t have to call us as often.

With led you save money on parts. Unlike neon and fluorescent lighting led parts are cheaper and last  longer.

Neon repair
Neon Repair
neon repair completed
neon repair completed
outdoor neon sign repair: neon was broken we jumped it out so the rest of the sign works till we are back.
outdoor neon sign repair: neon was broken we jumped it out so the rest of the sign works till we are back.
neon repair completed
neon repair completed

We also install and service all types of outdoor lighting . Metal halide , High Pressure sodium , Parking lot lights and more. We also retro fit these types of lights to led.We specialize in led retrofits. Replace your metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting to led and save money service calls (fixture last 100,000 hours ) , consumes about 70% less electricity , and disposing of bulbs is not an issue any more.Take a look at our facebook page @ .


We are also a full service flagpole company you can take a look at our website  @ or our facebook page at

We use our own bucket trucks to get the job done safely and efficiently to get it right the first time.


You can call us at 718-374-5175 for more information or you can send us an email @ .

NYC Sign Fabrication , Repair & Installation


NYC Sign Repair is a  full service sign company. We fabricate , install and service signs all over Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan , Staten Island , Long Island , New Jersey & Connecticut.

We own our own equipment(bucket trucks ). We  fabricate , install and repair indoor and outdoor neon signs as well.

We also specialize in retrofitting older signs which use neon for illumination and replace it with LED.

With LED lighting you save money on power , and service calls because it operates on 12 volts compared to 5-15000 volts.

Parking Lot Lighting Retofit

Save money with LED parking lot lighting .

1)bulbs- metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs last generally 10,000 hours. The ballast is another part that fails . With LED the fixture is rated at 100,000 hours . So technically you save 10 service calls.Generally 1 hour of labor would cost 150$ an hour so 150 x 10 = 1500$ in savings.

2)Energy: Save almost 70 % in power saving. Help save the planet.


We service all types of signs. Lighting and neon issues , new faces , face replacement , copy change and more.

We are also a full service flagpole company. We supply , install and service all types of flagpoles.

We have graphic designers to help create your brands image. We also make business cards , flyers and other print material.

We also have digital printers which we use to make vinyl banners as well. We can make a custom banner to your specification.
Call us at 718-374-5175 or you can email us at