NYC Sign Fabrication , Repair & Installation


NYC Sign Repair is a  full service sign company. We fabricate , install and service signs all over Queens , Brooklyn , Bronx , Manhattan , Staten Island , Long Island , New Jersey & Connecticut.

We own our own equipment(bucket trucks ). We  fabricate , install and repair indoor and outdoor neon signs as well.

We also specialize in retrofitting older signs which use neon for illumination and replace it with LED.

With LED lighting you save money on power , and service calls because it operates on 12 volts compared to 5-15000 volts.

Parking Lot Lighting Retofit

Save money with LED parking lot lighting .

1)bulbs- metal halide and high pressure sodium bulbs last generally 10,000 hours. The ballast is another part that fails . With LED the fixture is rated at 100,000 hours . So technically you save 10 service calls.Generally 1 hour of labor would cost 150$ an hour so 150 x 10 = 1500$ in savings.

2)Energy: Save almost 70 % in power saving. Help save the planet.


We service all types of signs. Lighting and neon issues , new faces , face replacement , copy change and more.

We are also a full service flagpole company. We supply , install and service all types of flagpoles.

We have graphic designers to help create your brands image. We also make business cards , flyers and other print material.

We also have digital printers which we use to make vinyl banners as well. We can make a custom banner to your specification.
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